Virginia Club Membership: Join Our Community!

The Virginia Club of New York is a non-profit, volunteer organization that works to create and maintain a strong connection between the University and its students, alumni, their families, and friends. There are over 7,000 UVA graduates currently living in the 5 boroughs and over 10,000 in the tri-state area – the Club welcomes them all!

We offer two types of membership:

Social Membership

Grants alums various social benefits at our events. The dues range from $30-60/year.  Social Membership is valid a full twelve months beginning the day one registers.

Clubhouse Membership

Grants alums full access to the Yale Club of New York City as well as a social membership. The dues are quarterly and are based on two metrics: year of graduation and proximity of applicants residence to the Yale Club. To learn more information about clubhouse membership please review our 2017-clubhouse-member-information-packet. To submit the application click here.

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